Nets in the Royal Gardens

Small birds return
The project is inspired by an ideal which sees the art of gardening as a means of spiritual elevation in daily life; we believe that via the memory of a gesture, through research, in closeness to nature and other living beings, it is possible to rediscover our most authentic dimension. As in ancient, medieval and modern texts, gardens are seen as places for conversation, dialogue, exchange, narration and harmony, where science and technology contribute to creating the conditions of shared well-being, and art and architecture serve to harmoniously influence reality, and leave an edifying sign.

In this harmonious site located in one of Mediterranean Europe’s most important bird areas, the Venice Gardens Foundation, working in close collaboration with Lipu – Lega Italiana Protezione Uccelli (the Italian League for Bird Protection), has embarked on a project based on a study of the specific morphology and composition of the lagoon area, with its extraordinary biodiversity. Our aim is to attract both wild migratory and sedentary birds to the Royal Gardens and to protect them.

We envision a small oasis where resident bird species can build their nests and migratory species will find the ideal place to rest before continuing their journeys to reproductive sites in East-Central Europe.

In the conviction that it is once again possible to create beauty starting from small things, from details and changes in interspecific perspective, artists and architects will be invited to design artificial nests, feeders and small bird bath fountains to increase the presence of colorful guests throughout the year (blackcaps, great tits, blue tits, common redstarts, black redstarts, blackbirds, Italian sparrows, rob- ins, flycatchers, serins, etc.), while carefully planned plantings will ensure the return of birds that are now absent from the Gardens (great spotted woodpeckers and wrynecks).

The assumptions on which this project is based are sensitivity, shared attention and respect for the well-being of every living creature; emphasis is not on the superficial forms found in nature, but on immerging ourselves in the profundity in which these beings assert their right to life, their presence and belongingness.

Collaboration with Lipu - Birdlife Italia
The Venice Gardens Foundation is working closely with Lipu, one of the most important bird-protection organizations in Europe. Founded in 1965, Lipu is engaged in conservation programs, studies and projects.

Specific conservation projects will be developed in the years to come.