A Foundation for the gardens

The Venice Gardens Foundation was founded in Venice in 2014 to restore and conserve parks, gardens and properties of outstanding historic and artistic interest, protecting their fauna and restoring harmony and balance.

The Foundation, listed in the National Research Registry of Italy’s Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, is also engaged in the study, development and application of innovative programs for the sustainable management of heritage sites, and creating training programs to promote these ends.

Attentive to culture and the arts, it brings together nature and artistic expression in all their manifestations; the gardens it restores will be meeting places open to the profundity of the arts where researchers and artists can enlarge on the vast metaphorical concept of the garden, sowing signs, sounds, words and visions. Places for thought, silent entry in which harmony and contemplation find space.

A member of the Association of International Private Committees for the Safeguarding of Venice, the Foundation’s first project was to promote and supervise the restoration of the Royal Gardens of Venice. It will continue to ensure their conservation in the years to come, involving specialized professionals using site-specific maintenance programs that are syntheses of tradition and modern techniques.

A garden must be listened to, cultivated, nurtured, protected: an on-going process, an event generated each day, accompanying it to germinate anew.

Currently engaged in research and new restoration projects, the Venice Gardens Foundation, works in accordance with the fundamental principles of patronage: protection of nature, support for the arts and learning.