Collaboration with LIPU - Italian League for the Protection of Birds The birds of the lagoon return to the Royal Gardens

In 2017 the Venice Gardens Foundation stipulated a collaboration agreement with LIPU. The Venetian lagoon is one of the most important wild bird areas in Mediterranean Europe and the two organizations have agreed to work together to restore life to the Royal Gardens by creating conditions that will attract the birds that inhabit the lagoon to the garden area: a harmonious open green space designed to favor the presence of small birds (blackcaps, Italian sparrows, blackbirds, collared doves, serins, black redstarts, robins and ringdoves) in every season of the year. It will become a small oasis where resident bird species can build their nests and “an island of tranquility” where migratory species (pied flycatchers, beccaficos and large-billed warblers) can rest before resuming their long journeys to their breeding grounds in Eastern Central Europe.
Feeders and artificial nests designed by internationally well-known architects artists will be installed for use in winter by other colorful guests (great tits, blue tits, tree sparrows, flycatchers, redstarts) and newly created green areas will attract species which are not now visitors to the Gardens (great spotted woodpeckers and wrynecks).