Architectural restoration Plans by Carlo Aymonino-Gabriella Barbini, Alberto Torsello

The restoration and requalification of the monumental complex of the Royal Gardens of Piazza San Marco, undertaken by Venice Gardens Foundation in partnership with Generali Group, is based on the principles and urban and architectural themes that gave life to the original nineteenth- century project for the Gardens.
The restoration will salvage the Gardens’ centuries-old functions and architectural elements, renovate a space important to the Marciana area and to the city as a whole, restore equilibrium between parts and the environments in which they are arranged in symbiosis with their context.
The work involved in restoring architectural components will respect the Gardens’ historic stratification, emphasizing the matrix of their original design.
After the restoration of the nineteenth-century pergola and of Lorenzo Santi’s neoclassical pavilion, the demolition of buildings which are both incongruous and in disrepair and the rebuilding of the Greenhouse and historic drawbridge, the Royal Gardens will once again be directly connected to Piazza San Marco.