Restoration, Care and Conservation
Upon completion of the restoration work, the Foundation ensures the conservation of the Complex, guaranteeing expert, attentive care in the long term, the skillful mastery of conservation methods and their application contributing to the perfect expression of numerous correlated aspects.

Research and training
With the objective of developing and promoting research on topics related to the landscape, to parks and gardens, to innovation, and to the sustainable and safe management of the soil, water and energy sources, the Foundation has drawn up protocol agreements with IUAV University in Venice and TESAF at the University of Padua. Seminars, study days, conferences and training courses are planned.

Art and Culture
The Foundation is particularly attentive to the world of culture and art, uniting nature with artistic expressions in all their various elements of life. The restored gardens constitute places of meeting and of thought where researchers and artists are enabled to sow signs, sounds, words and visions: silent points of entry in which harmony and contemplation can find a space.

Publishing projects
The Foundation will issue publications of its own and, via a system of international cooperation, will identify valuable literary and scientific works whose intrinsic value is such that it is important that they be published, translated, reissued or restored.

Studies on Bees and Honey Production
A research project is being developed based on respect for the honeybee’s biological characteristics and identification of the optimum natural conditions that permit honeycomb manufacture: comparative studies will be made of rational beehives and hives with natural honeycomb, focusing on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the product, and on the well-being of the bee colony.

Upon completion of restoration work, and with the aim of transmitting the values of serenity and peace intrinsic to the sites, the Foundation will open them to visitors.